Episode 11: Hey You? Or Hey Everybody? The Future of Advertising

Are companies moving toward complete personalization or are big brands doubling back to mass messaging? The internet lets brands tailor their messaging but does something get lost in translation? John Immesoete and Barbara Lippert weigh the state of advertising in this episode of The Pod Couple. Subscribe on iTunes: https://goo.gl/4AD8cC

Episode 2: Is Angry the New Happy?

From movies to politics to social media, why are we so angry all the time? When did we become so angry? Is there any end in sight? John Immesoete and Barbara Lippert discuss all this and more in “Is Angry the New Happy?” And here are links to the things we talked about: Donald Trump; The Apprentice; Trump/McDonald's Ad; Bernie Sanders; Marco Rubio Ad; The Revenant; The Hateful Eight; Chi-Raq; Empire; Modern Family; Ted Cruz Ad with Porn Star; Budweiser 2016 Super BowlShock Top 2016 Super Bowl; PlayboyVinyl.

Episode 1: The Advertising Business — Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

Episode 101

Advertising’s broken: who’s to blame? The clients, the consumers, or us? It’s easy to blame but harder to fix. John and Barbara discuss the future of advertising and how to fix it. And here are the links to the things we talked about... Staples Easy ButtonPuppymonkeybabyOreo Super Bowl TweetJoe Madden/Chicago CubsDirectTV Settles CampaignF*ck Feeings.